Your Next Generation AI-driven Patent Search and​ Intelligence Platform

Since launching PatSeer’s new semantic search engine and AI Search in June 2023, we have got a very positive feedback from our customers.  We have added new interesting AI capabilities. The high accuracy and speed are based on the latest and learning LLM model which is trained over patents, and delivers unmatched search relevance. The service combines the best features of the expert search and the AI tools.

What the PatSeer AI package brings to you: 

Search by text paragraph or patent number – The search combines contextual relevance with lexical relevance to give the most relevant results (editions without AI package only get to see lexically relevant results). 

AI Predictions – View Predicted Classes, Companies, and Inventors for your AI Search

Multi-lingual AI search – You can enter your invention disclosure in its original language and get the results in English. 

Refine using favorites – You can select the most relevant patents and then use them to refine (narrow) your AI search results further. 

Use AI to re-rank your Boolean results – A first-in-the-industry capability that allows you to leverage AI to speed up the review of your Boolean search results. Some of our expert searchers are now using this for almost all their searches! 

Use AI Recommender to your Boolean results – The AI Recommender will show you the records that may be missed by your Boolean search. The recommender will suggest you the contextually similar records that did not match your Boolean query but are relevant to your current search query. The AI recommender helps you ensure you haven’t missed anything out and gives you further inputs to refine your query.

AI Summary Page available in every record in the search results (see quickly what, how & why)Use AI Classifier to save time and effort of manually classifying new records in your projects.

Limit Your AI Search with Precision – We’ve introduced yet another feature to refine your searches better. Utilize our innovative feature to limit search results based on the AI Relevance Score.